Technical Committee

Shareholders have technical representatives who form the Technical Committee
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Research Programme

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Research Proposals

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GF Scheme

The Radiata Pine Breeding Company (RPBC), whose shareholders include major forest growing companies in New Zealand and Australia - Read more...









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The Radiata Pine Breeding Company Ltd. (RPBC) is a New Zealand company focussed on the provision of superior radiata pine germplasm to its shareholders and customers in Australasia. The major activity of the company is in research into the genetic improvement of radiata pine and the application of this research to the development of superior genetics, which are made available to shareholders and customers through the GF Plus scheme.

The RPBC, whose shareholders include major forest growing companies in New Zealand and Australia, has been working to genetically improve radiata pine since the late 1980s. The RPBC is owner of the genetic makeup of improved seeds and plants (germplasm) sold under the GF Plus scheme. Breeders of genetically improved Radiata germplasm apply to the Seed Certification Service for GF Plus certification

Shareholders control the activities of the company at Board level, and at the technical level, setting the strategic direction of research and the annual research programme. This ensures close alignment of these programmes with the needs of the forest growing industry. The value proposition for shareholders is:

  1. Enhanced volume production from forests
  2. Enhanced volume recovery from forests due to improved stem straightness
  3. Enhanced log values due to improved log and wood quality, increasing yield of higher value product on processing
  4. Enhanced ability of forests to withstand biological and environmental threats
  5. Enhanced forest values
  6. Revenue from IP through the GF Plus scheme

Our Objectives

"To be recognised internationally as the leading provider of radiata pine germplasm
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Our Shareholders

Industry Shareholding
Government Funding
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